Hi. My (not real) name is Albert Cart.

I was born in 1970 in Poland where I live till now.

Traveling was always my big dream. I always wanted to know what is behind the bend, behind the hill. At the moment when I’m writing this premiere post, I have 95 countries on the counter. So I am already a bit mature. My posts will not be simple reporters and travel tips. They will be rather the records of my impressions, my thoughts and my observations.

Ten years ago I would not write that traveling can be harmful, passe, and now I start to think so. Flying by plane destroys our planet and I am ashamed of it, but I am so addicted that I can not stop. I promise, however, to bend over to someone else’s rubbish if possible to redeem my guilt.
Meet my daughter Aleksandra who was surprised by the condition of the beaches in paradise San Pedro in Belize (from Madonnas song)

I give the world up to 50 years before we lose it, so I’m in a hurry to get to know it before.