Jiptick Pass in Kirgistan by bike?

Hi , my plan was very common- to drive by bicycle from Osh to Dushanbe via Pamir High Way but the first part of the road covered with asphalt seemed so boring that I decided to look for a shortcut to Sarah Tash…..

Thanks to the application for my Suunto watch, I have set a route at home, press link here. I was convinced that since the application offered me such a cycling route, it exists:)

After two days I arrived 20 km before the peak and the next morning at 7.00 a.m. I attacked. 3 km before the highest point (4300 m) I had to unhook the bike sacks and move each one separately and then the bicycle. I was half dead from fatigue when I saw the last kilometr to the top route covered in deep snow. Hailstorm suddenly attacked me. It was approaching 3 pm, I was alone and without communication with the world. My feet sank in the snow. I realized that if I break my leg now, then I would have to stay in the mountains or even die in the mountains.

And it was just a bike trip! Not a winter attack on Broad Peak! I wanted to go home. I was exhausted and scared. I decided to leave almost everything but my passport and I went to the yurt 10 km lower without a bike. The locals gave me accommodation and food. In the morning, another Kirgiz took me with his Mercedes to Osh.

I bought a summer outfit, because it was July, then in internet cafe I get fly ticket to Berlin. And so instead of in 30 days to reach Dushanbe by bike, in 8 days I returned home defeated without a bicycle .

the letter I left in the bike to no alarm people who will find them

I do not regret it at all. It was one of the most beautiful adventures in my life and I intend to return to this trail, but now on foot 🙂

Next week I will prepare and publish a short movie I made on the trip using my smartfon.

I invite you to show a short movie report

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