Egipt independently -january 2019

I hate to stay in hotels. But my 12-year-old daughter Antonina loves it. How to spend holidays with family and reconcile contradictions? it’s easy.

Choosing Egipt – a country that is visited as a place of mass (cheap)  tourism, seemed to be a hopeless choice but it turned out that we had a real adventure.

Below you get a unique recipe for an ”family expedition of life”, where you are a hero like Indiana Jones.

The first step is to buy a cheap ticket to Israel or Jordan.

We flew from Berlin to Ovda airport. Do not worry, there will be a bus waiting for you at the airport, which is  placed in the desert 60 km from Eliat. Tickets are sold on site, you do not need to reserve them.

Eilat is interesting for 1 evening, sleep there and in the morning by public bus nr 15 (3 Usd?) from the  bus stop in the city center , go to the border crossing with Egypt (30 min max).

You have to take into account the costs, but having in mind that  you arrived by cheap flight to Israel, you are still in plus with your money.

You will pay 105 ILS exit Israel cost (30,00 USD) and 100 LE  (6,00 USD)welcome cost in Egipt (using a taxi car, I don know is it obligatory for public bus )

Do not worry about further transport. 3pm there is a bus to Dahab, but if you  will bargain well , a car, regardless of the number of passengers, youll pay 35 USD?

There are w lot of cars waiting for you, the drivers are clean and friendly.

The transport to Hahab takes 3 hours.

I highly reccomend you to stay in Dahab . We stayed  Jaz Dahabeya – a hotel which was cheap at the time (80,00 EURO/day 2 adults+12 years old child HP).

In the center of Dahab in the tourist agency we bought a full day trip to Mount Mose. The price was 100 usd with the driver and guide to the top our family. Really worth. And climbing to the top was easy. I know that  everyone goes there at night to see the sunrise. I think it’s nonsense. It’s  very cold at night. We went in the middle of the day and the trail was empty, only us.

In Dahab buy a bus ticket in Delta East bust station

It was cheap and comforable, 12 houers  trip to Cairo.

In Cairo we stayed  in Midtown Hostel

They sell many  well organised trips. For 100,00 USD we bought a great day car  trip with  private  driver -guide  around the Cairo, including Giza, Sakkara  and Memphis. It was really worth the money (lunch included!)

We spent three days in Cairo and now I think that it was not enough. This is a great city. It is the cheapest in the world ,with  very good food and really  safe, people are friendly.

The Cairo museum is very interesting, it’s worth paying extra for watching the mummy.

But the biggest impression on me was the old town and the surrounding bazaar.

We practically did not see other tourists. Apparently, the crazy people laying up bombs for tourist buses scared the majority. That’s why we came to Cairo  by public bus, not by tourist, it’s much safer!

The return bus ticket  to Sharm El Sheyk we bought in Go Bus company near Hotel Hilton and Museum . Do is minimum 1 day earlier.

After spending 1 night in Sharm (for me it was enough) we hired privet car in tourist agency ( 50 USD )do the  Israeli border. After sleeping in a nice Comfort Hotel Eliat  just opposite bus station  we left by bus to the  Ovda airport  in the morning.

It was a great trip! locked

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